An episodic documentary in 12 short films

Passion, creative energy and persistence come together when
Berkeley advocates and educators tackle food reform and food justice
in the schools and in the neighborhoods.

How do citizens transform local food systems?

How do innovators change the way children eat in schools?
How do we talk about culture, identity and responsibility
through the lens of health and food?

Lunch Love Community brings it all together. It reminds us that food is about housing; food is about jobs; food is about justice. This film is a vivid and visually rich presentation of how we ensure the health of our society by nurturing children with good food in schools.”
— Ivy Ken, Associate Professor of Sociology, George Washington University

“For all community advocates and educators concerned with food justice issues, Lunch Love Community is an insightful and creative documentary that will help you open up a rich dialogue around changing the food system for the better.”
— Y. Armando Nieto, Executive Director, Community Food & Justice Coalition

“The Media Social that Helen de Michiel organized around Lunch Love Community was a memorable and truly original Cinema Pacific event. It both enlightened people to the potential of transmedia ‘open space’ documentary and also offered an exciting model of community activism, directly engaging foodies and food reformers in our community.”
— Richard Herskowitz, Artistic Director, Houston Cinema Arts Festival & Ashland Independent film Festival